Just a few of our Doggy De-stress™ Clients

Big smiles

‘"We’ve done a number of wellbeing initiatives recently to promote good mental health however the recent visit by Vimto, Nia and Rambo from Doggy De-stress™ to Wembley Stadium was definitely one of the most popular. Over 60 members of FA staff chilled out with these lovely dogs and left the session with a boost of oxytocin and big smiles.  This initiative has been a resounding success."

Absolute dream

“Doggy De-stress™ were an absolute dream, they were so easy to work with prior to the dogs coming in. They supplied the necessary requirements to make the session work and answered any and all questions we had. The day of the session there was a buzz around the office, I’d never seen anything quite like it! Sony staff were beyond excited and it was by far one of our most signed up activities. After our session, I noticed that the whole office was supremely content and relieved of all stress.”

Made my week

An amazing experience. You can see people buzzing after the session, just feeling happier and more relaxed. It relieved the tension of the past week.

"This should be a recurrent benefit, and the Doggy De-stress™ people have been extremely friendly, it's been an absolute pleasure. It felt like we were able to connect with other members of staff.”

“It was truly amazing, I did not want the session to end, thank you so much for such an upbeat and positive experience. The session made me super happy, and totally took my mind off of the stress and anxiety of work!


We have never seen so many immediate smiles after the visit to John Lewis, Oxford Street.
"It was fab to meet them! Thank you"
"Much appreciated on a day when we needed somewhere to relax"
"An amazing experience, much needed on such a busy stressful day"
"Bring the doggies back tomorrow!"




"Doggy De-Stress™ was a fantastic company to work with, from the first time we approached them at right through to the event day itself. In the run up to the event, Mel was extremely responsive in answering any queries we had. Our Team Members absolutely loved every second of their session and have been asking countless times when they can come back again! Our three dogs for the session; Rosie, Bertie and Yoffi were an absolute dream and were so well behaved for the duration of the session! Mel and Bev, were so efficient in everything from arrival on the day to set up and clear up. They were both so friendly and an absolute pleasure to work with. We can’t wait to have your fantastic team back again soon!"

Positive effect

“During our Wellness Week we had cooking demos, healthy lunches, spinning classes, and mindfulness sessions but, by far, the most popular session was Doggy De-stress™. My team wouldn't stop talking about the session after - it was so well spoken about that our employees from the US and Canadian offices would come over to London and ask me to have the dogs in for them to meet!  Rob & his team were incredibly accommodating, professional and friendly. The dogs were well trained and so lovely to have in the office - my staff still talk about it and how positively it effected their working day.”

Best day ever

“Doggy De-stress™ was a great success as part of our Wellbeing programme. The dogs were very cute, well behaved, and of course had a calming effect on our employees. Many of our employees said it was ‘their best day at work’ and said that they felt less stressed after being with the dogs. The event was very easy to organise with Rob and went very smoothly on the day. I would highly recommend this to others.”


“Having Doggy De-stress™ in the office lifted the entire office's spirit. They were a dream to work with and incredibly helpful and organised. I wish we could have Doggy De-stress™ in our office everyday! Such a great wellness benefit to offer your hardworking team - would recommend to any and every office in London!”



"We asked Doggy De-stress™ to visit our office in one of the busiest periods of the year for our team. The staff loved spending time with Nia, Charlie and Violet and were able to really relax and re-energise during their doggy break. Everyone walked around the office with a big smile on their faces afterwards. We can't wait to get Doggy De-stress™ back into our office."

Massive Boost

“From the first point of contact with Rob and Mel to waving the dogs goodbye from our office, our Doggy De-stress™ experience was second to none. All the information we needed for a successful session was provided up-front, communication was super speedy and expectations were made really clear. Rob and Mel were really easy to do business with and the sessions themselves gave our employees a massive boost. The dogs were a dream and put smiles on everyone’s faces. What a special wellbeing initiative this is – everyone’s already asking when you’ll be back!”


“Doggy De-stress™ are nothing short of magnificent to work with. The seamlessness exhibited throughout the entire process, from initial booking to the actual day made it feel as though we had been working with them for years. As soon as the session started we could see first hand that the excitement and buzz building up to the day certainly met its match when people were queueing up in large groups. Many colleagues emphasised how much they want this to be a frequent if not permanent fixture. I would highly recommend Doggy De-stress™ for their professionalism and knowledge."


“We have engaged with Doggy De-stress™ on a number of occasions across our London offices. I have found the team friendly, helpful and professional at all times, a real pleasure to work with. Our team members that visited the dogs found the experience enjoyable, relaxing and energising. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive and I am constantly asked when the next session will be! The dogs themselves are amazing; friendly, well behaved and patient with the more cautious people.”

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