Doggy De-sensitising

For some the mere idea of being close to a dog let alone being in physical contact with them would be the furthest thing from their imagination. We regularly see people who are fearful of dogs for various reasons, who want to overcome their fears and be able to at the very least, be in the same room as them.


Whilst colleagues in the office enjoy being Doggy De-stressed, our specialist can sit in another calm room with his well behaved dog and be on hand for those who may be less confident around dogs. Dave has over 40 years of professional dog handling experience and can create an atmosphere and environment in which people who have a fear of dogs can be in the presence of one without any.


This is a one to one safe session for 30 to 45 minutes per person and charged at a seperate rate to a normal Doggy De-stress session. Though this is not offered as a cure but it will hope to achieve the person becoming a little more comfortabe and confident with other similar dogs.


For more information and a quote email us directly 

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