Our Dogs

We have significantly reduced the numbers of dogs we are using due to COVID-19 guidance. Currently Nia, Vimto, Charlie and Vi are still working. Sadly we have had to fur-lough the rest of our team! They remain on our website though because we miss them. Click on their pictures for their Doggy De-tails!


D.O.B: 10/10/16
Favourite Toy: Any Ball
Favourite Treat: Any food
Best Trick: Sleeping in a suitcase
Naughtiest Trick: Rolling in fox poo


D.O.B: 16/06/15
Favourite Toy: Toy Burger
Favourite Treat: Real burgers
Best Trick: Plotting whilst looking angelic
Naughtiest Trick: Stealing food


D.O.B: 24/07/13
Favourite Toy: 2ft snake
Favourite Treat: Carrot
Best Trick: Touching hand for treat
Naughtiest Trick: Grumbling when bored


D.O.B: 16/09/13
Favourite Toy: Tennis balls
Favourite Treat: Rawhide chew
Best Trick: Using the sad eye to get things
Naughtiest Trick: Stealing balls and never letting go


D.O.B: 15/08/12
Favourite Toy: Cuddly Panda
Favourite Treat: Fish skins
Best Trick: Paw giving
Naughtiest Trick: Eating sticks


D.O.B: 05/11/13
Favourite Toy:Stuffed Leopard
Favourite Treat:Chicken
Best Trick: Puddle Jumping
Naughtiest Trick: Puddle Jumping



D.O.B: 10/02/14
Favourite Toy: Stuffed Theresa May
Favourite Treat: Cheese
Best Trick: Balancing treats on nose
Naughtiest Trick: Tapping humans for attention



D.O.B: 23/06/10
Favourite Toy: Mrs Mouse
Favourite Treat: Chicken
Best Trick: High five
Naughtiest Trick: Pushing Doris the cat away with paw


D.O.B: 04/10/13
Favourite Toy: Tennis balls
Favourite Treat: Cheese
Best Trick: High fives
Naughtiest Trick: Sneaking on beds


D.O.B: 17/02/16
Favourite Toy: Her toy puppies
Favourite Treat: Fish skins
Best Trick: Knowing when you need a cuddle
Naughtiest Trick: Usain Bolt style running off


D.O.B: 01/11/10
Favourite Toy: Stuffed Racoon
Favourite Treat: Carrot
Best Trick: Giving both paws & falling over
Naughtiest Trick: Stealing socks


D.O.B: 26/05/16
Favourite Toy: Squeaky brussel sprout
Favourite Treat: Cheese
Best Trick: Jumping in arms from the floor
Naughtiest Trick: Rolling in disgusting things


D.O.B: 12/12/17
Favourite Toy: Antler
Favourite Treat: Cheese
Best Trick: Sit and giving paw
Naughtiest Trick: Destroying toys

Dog Welfare

Due to COVID-19 we are only using dogs from our own households. We will not take any dog to any session from any household that is isolating or showing COVID-19 symptoms.

We are strictly following Government and Animal Welfare advice during this time. We are mitigating any risks by wiping down dogs regularly and using clean collars and leads. All session attendees must wash hands regularly, and wear gloves and face masks.

We take the welfare of our dogs very seriously. All have up to date vet checks and will only come for their day out if they’re completely fit and healthy. The moment any of our dogs show any signs of stress or anxiety we remove them from the sessions. We make all of our sessions a positive experience for our dogs – they are the most important part of our organisation and we treat them as such.

They have an incredible day out with our clients and everyone attending has to abide by our strict rules which include staying calm around our dogs, not bringing in any food or drink to the area and no rough play. It has to be a calming experience for both dog and human.

All our dogs are insured for this therapy work the moment we pick them up from their owners to the moment we drop them back. They travel with us in a dog friendly car to make sure they arrive in comfort and are relaxed ahead of their cuddles and strokes.

We monitor our dogs throughout the time we have them and check in with their owners about their behaviour once we leave. They are number one before, during and after our visits to clients. If you have any further questions about the welfare of our dogs, don’t hesitate to contact us.