From left to right, meet Nia, Vi & Charlie. Below, you can see a gallery of our whole team of dogs! Most of our dogs are labradors or labrador retrievers. You may get a visit from a surprise breed from time to time! All of our dogs are signed up members of the team and live with their owners who are happy for us to take them out for the day, safe in the knowledge that they'll receive stimulation in a calm and relaxed environment.


They go through a friendly check to make sure they will enjoy the work and are comfortable with the attention. The dogs all know each other very well and are regularly socialised. They are all fully vaccinated, vet checked and temperament tested. As outlined here, the welfare of our dogs comes first at every session. We do not use puppies for various welfare reasons, but you can read more on our FAQ page.


We also have a dog specialist available for those who are less confident around dogs and wish to have their own special one to one session at extra cost. You can read more here.

Our Dogs


Nia is a pure black lab and the baby of the pack at just 2 years old. She's bubbly, playful, cheeky and obsessed with squirrels. 


Berite is a pure black lab. He's 6 years old and just wants to be loved. He spends most of the sessions rolling around on his back.


Vimto is a 3 year old Golden Retriever. He's beautiful, and knows he is! When he spots a camera he'll purposely sit infront of it. All he requires is for you to admire him.


Rambo is a 5 year old Labradoodle. He's the only Doodle on the team, playful and cuddly he'll seek out your lap to get comfy on.


Vi is a 6 year old Retriver Labrador and one of the most obedient of the team, until she spots a ball of any kind and she'll never let go.


Sascha is a 5 year old pure lab and is the queen of the pack and likes to be treated as such. She will quite happily lay in her spot and allow you to cuddle her. 


Yoffi is a 7 year old Lab Retriever. He is still very much a puppy and loves a slobbery cuddle. He, much like Bertie, enjoys rolling around on his back.


Mae is a Cocker Spaniel. She's a little bundle of fun and joy and loves to boss around the rest of the team.


Charlie is a 5 year old Lab Retriever and rarely changes his expression! The one thing we do know is that he loves a cuddle, but loves his girlfriend Nia even more.


Sam is an 8 yeard old Retriever Lab. He is growing old gracefully but still a puppy at heart. He will sit anywhere he can on you and insist that you pay him attention.


Maggie is a pure Lab. She's quite happy to ignore the rest of the team and give the humans all the attention, nudging you to remind you she's there.


Q is a 13 year old Lab Retriever. He's the poster boy of the team but is now too old to join us on our trips out how could we leave him off our gallery!?


Rosie is a 3 year old pure Lab. She breaks the Doggy De-stress record for 'Smallest Dog'. She's a tiny bundle of cuddles.


Maisie is a very brainy Retriever. She's boss at every session and also knows how beautiful she is. She's currently on a temporary exchange programme and living the life of luxery in Italy!


Jasper's a 4 year old Retriever Lab and actis like a puppy. If you can catch him, the cuddles are all yours!


Toby was a Doggy De-stress legend. He sat on many laps and slobbered on many faces at our sessions but he's now moved away to the country. We thought it only fair to include him in our gallery!



We're always on the look out for new doggy members of the team. We're ideally looking for dogs based in the Waterloo, Battersea, Chiswick or Hammersmith & Fulham areas. Your dog must be a labrador or labrador retriever suitable to undertake therapy work and over the age of two. They must be calm, sociable, have basic obedience, enjoy human attention, get along with other dogs of a similar breed and travel well in the car. Sound like your doggy? Send some pictures or a video to and we'll be in touch!

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